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Geld in S&S (2)

Eerder konden we reeds een klein uittreksel aanbieden van een mogelijks nieuwe (Engelstalige) editie van Schimmen en Schaduwen dat te maken had met geld.

Ik had er zelf enkele bedenkingen bij gepost, maar in de commentaarsectie kwamen er enkele bedenkingen los. Vandaar dat chief designer Dirk me wat meer context heeft bezorgd. De letterlijke tekst hieronder.


The rarity principle

All physical items in SnS usually have rarity indicator or should be given one by the GM when players want to acquire them. Why do we have rarity and what do we use it for?

The baseline. Almost all items are of this rarity level.
Good workmanship… with money you can find them.
Made by the best of the best. Still achievable to buy this with money.
Incredible workmanship. The owner or the person who made this will not part with this easily. Worth ridiculous amounts of money.
Almost impossible to find, the stuff of legend, players will probably need to go on quests to find these. Priceless. Legendary items almost always have a unique name and a story attached to them.

Finding what you need.

So you want to shop around for a new sword or want to find some ingredients for a powerful spell. Assuming you don’t have the means to create them yourself or find them in the wild, you will have to visit some shops. The availability of anything is based on the size of the town. For big city a normal Search skill roll will find you the common item you are looking for. Every critical success will locate a better quality item. Of course epic and legendary items are rarely found in shops (well it is possible that some long forgotten item is available for cheap in a dusty shop run by an old man who doesn’t know better) so the GM will have to make sure that acquiring those involves some kind of effort. Maybe some are available on the black market for crazy prices, maybe you find some incredible item that you will have to steal from a rich nobleman or maybe somebody will ask a favor before handing over a powerful item.

Once again a search for a specific item will take time. Usually one check per player per town should be allowed by the GM and it will take a few hours to locate the item that you are looking for.

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